Mission Vegan Burrito Butternut Squash Chilli


Veganuary vibes are in full swing. Whether you’ve taken the vegan pledge this year or you simply just love vegan food, let’s taco ’bout something irresistibly delicious – the vegan burrito. Pledger or not, this burrito delight isn’t just a January fling; it’s a year-round thing!

First up – our superstar vegan burrito – Butternut Squash Chilli. Originally a one-week wonder, this spicy burrito stole the hearts of vegans and vegetarians. Even die-hard carnivores couldn’t get enough. Chunky butternut squash, slow-cooked with black beans and veggies, and spiced up with chipotle for that extra oomph. It’s so irresistible; we had to make space in the counter to keep it available every day. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to.

Then there’s our timeless classic, the OG of veggies. Imagine a mix of seasonal veggies – peppers, red onions, and courgettes taking you on a taste trip to Mexico. Forget fajita veggies; these are better!

Mission Vegan Burrito Box Veggies

Whether you roll it into a burrito, savour it from a box, or indulge in tacos, our vegan fillings are well worth it. Swing by your local Mission Burrito, order online to avoid the queue, or get burritos delivered to your door via Deliveroo.

Planning a party? Bring the Mexican vibes with our vegan wonders – perfect for parties or office catering. Take a look and find out how to book catering.

Your vegan feast awaits… Let the good flavours roll!