Sweetcorn Salsa in a burrito


Sweetcorn Salsa is back and stealing the spotlight! It’s a temporary takeover from the beloved pico de gallo, all in the name of savouring the freshness of the season.

Last year, the salsa was a hit! Our mission is simple – to load your burritos with an abundance of quality, fresh ingredients. And, what better way to achieve this than with our ever-changing seasonal salsa line-up? 

So, what makes our sweetcorn salsa a must try? Zesty lime, aromatic coriander, crisp red onion, the delightful sweetness of corn and just the right kick of chilli. Delicious and it WILL leave you craving more.

Don’t miss out – next time you’re in one of our restuarants or ordering online, make sure you add a generous serving of this delicious salsa to your burrito. It’s also ready to order on Deliveroo.