Mission Burrito founders, Jan & Sharon Rasmussen


Last week, we celebrated fifteen years of Mission Burrito, from the restaurant in Oxford where we first started slinging burritos all those years ago. The day brought back loads of memories, especially for founders, Jan & Sharon. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane and look at some Mission Burrito highlights… 


THE GRAND OPENING: We introduced fresh Mexican fast food to Oxford as The Mission Mexican Grill opened its doors.


BURRITOS ON WHEELS: The Mission Burrito wagon set off on the road to bring burritos to the masses at local events.

IT TAKES TWO: Our restaurant on St Michael’s Street was so busy we opened another the other side of the city centre on King Edward’s Street. 

HELLO READING: We found another new home, this time in Reading. The Mission Mexican Grill #3.


THE REBRAND: We rebranded to Mission Burrito.


ROLLING OUT: We rolled out Mission Burrito with new restaurants in Bath and Bristol.


CHALLENGES: The Mission fans wanted a challenge… We gave them El Doble & El Triple. Thousands of hungry burrito eaters conquered over the years!

UK RECORD: We teamed up with Bristol RAG to roll the UK’s longest burrito measuring 77ft… WTAF! It took fifteen people less than 30 minutes to construct. We joined together 115 tortilla wraps and loaded it with 45kg of fillings. The burrito was sold off in sections afterwards for charity. The monster burrito was polished off in under 15 minutes.

UK’s longest burrito (2012)


BURRITO TOUR: The University of Bristol Cycling Club organised their inaugural Tour de Burrito as part of our team sponsorship. A ride around the country stopping at every Mission Burrito for burrito fuel! The partnership and ride is still going today. The next Tour de Burrito is 26th March 2023.


STUDENT WEDNESDAY: Students already had the best burritos in town. They wanted the best discount in town. We gave them 30% off burritos every Wednesday!


LOYALTY JUST GOT BETTER: Our burrito loyalty cards were a hit. Buy 10 burritos and your next one is on us. How could we help fast track our loyal fans to a free burrito that much quicker? Double stamps every Tuesday. Welcome to Two Stamp Tuesday!


RAISING THE BURRITO BAR: Time to face it. The El Doble & El Triple challenges were far to easy for seasoned burrito eaters. We launched a competition for our fans to create the ‘ultimate burrito eating challenge‘. That’s exactly what one of our customers, Jon Scorer, did. He won with El Criminal, a colossal 5lb burrito. This challenge is proving much harder to finish, only 23 people have completed it. Inventor, Jon, couldn’t even face the challenge! Could you? Check out the challenge finishers.

El Criminal Challenge Huge Burrito
Colossal 5lb burrito is El Criminal


GOING NUTS FOR BUTTERNUT: The Black Bean & Butternut Squash Chipotle Chilli was such a popular special with our vegan and non vegan customers. We made it a permanent filling on the Mission menu so it’s available to enjoy everyday!


COLD MEXICAN: Mission Burrito boxes and taco bars are tasty options for adding a Mexican twist to event catering. Last year we added a Mission Mexican Buffet to the mix for our corporate customers. It’s soooo good!

What’s next for Mission Burrito? Stay with us to see…