Oxford's Original Burrito St Michael's Street


This month we’re celebrating fifteen years of Mission Burrito. Let’s take a look at where it all began as Oxford’s original burrito all those years ago.

Most of you will already know that owners, Jan and Sharon Rasmussen, lived in San Francisco for a number of years. They enjoyed the taquerias of the Mission District so much so that when they returned to the UK they wanted more. The only way to get more was to open their own Mission-style Mexican Restaurant. So that’s what they did!

Roll back fifteen years. We opened Oxford’s original burrito restaurant, known then as The Mission Mexican Grill, in St Michael’s Street – a quaint side street off Cornmarket in the city centre. Previously a sandwich shop called Meltz, we not only took over the building but also inherited its contents and the two chefs working there! Jan taught them everything about authentic Mexican cooking the Mission way. They were brilliant and stayed with us for a few years. 

There was a real buzz that burritos were finally coming to town and on opening day we had a queue down the street. No matter how fast we rolled, the longer the queue seemed to get, with more and more people wanting to get their first bite of the burrito.

The Mission Mexican Grill
The Mission Mexican Grill in 2008

After that first day, week, month, our popularity continued to grow. Oxford shared our passion, they loved burritos & tacos just as much as we did! A year later we opened a second restaurant in Oxford and one in Reading too. In 2010, we rebranded as Mission Burrito. And, the following year opened two further restaurants, one in Bath and another in Bristol!

So much more has happened in fifteen years of Mission Burrito but our mission is still the same… FRESH MEXICAN FOOD. Read more about us and our real Mexican food.

To be continued…