Catering events by Mission Burrito


How can you add a Mexican twist to your event? We’ll bring Mission Burrito to you!

Fresh Mexican food delivered to your event, from corporate meetings and lunches, to University Balls, weddings, street food markets and even a runners retreat! There is so much to choose from for every taste, size and budget. Tasty self-service taco bar; flavoursome boxes of pre-loaded and rolled burritos; or the burrito van with a team to make your guest’s burritos & tacos to order, just like we do in store. We’ve also got an exciting new Mission Mexican Buffet launching very soon. A cold platter of Mexican spiced dishes for events with up to 50 guests. Delicious!

“Amazing food. There was almost nothing left, a testament to how delicious it was! A perfect mix of being healthy & filling but still feeling like something special to eat. Everyone enjoyed it so much. Thank you!


We offer catering services in and around Bath, Bristol, Oxford and Reading. Our food is freshly prepared and cooked in your local Mission Burrito kitchen and delivered to you FRESH.

NO ONE LEAVES FEELING HUNGRY! Need catering for your next event and ready to spice things up? There’s more information and a contact form here: Events & Corporate Catering. Or, if you prefer you can drop in to your local Mission Burrito restaurant to chat through the options or lastly ping us an email to