The Mexican Meatball Burrito


Holy Guacamole! The Mexican Meatball Burrito is back after FIVE years!! Popular back then, these great balls of fire are sure to be a hit again.


Mexican meatballs, more traditionally known as Albondigas, are a rich & hearty staple in Mexican kitchens. Made here in our Mission kitchens, British reared ground pork & beef are prepared with onions, garlic and cumin, then individually hand rolled in to neat balls and roasted in our traditional chipotle chilli, tomato and herb sauce, for that real Mexican kick!

So, have you ever tried a meatball burrito?

If the answer is no, now is the time. We recommend adding cheese, pico de gallo and lettuce. Go easy on the salsa, it could get messy! Great as a burrito or a rice box*. (*please be aware that like other rice boxes at Mission Burrito, the meatball rice box is not gluten free as the meatballs contain breadcrumbs)

Get down to a Mission Burrito near you. They are on the menu from Friday 17th February to Sunday 5th March. Available to eat-in, order online for collection and you can have the balls delivered to you via Deliveroo.

See ya for a meatball burrito or two. Or three – we don’t judge! – soon.